3rd Rock from the Sun (A Nightmare on Dick Street)

vendredi, 9. novembre 2018, 07:30 - 07:55
Channel 4
When Mary Albright announces that she's going to Borneo for a year, Dick decides to ask her to marry him. But anxiety prompts Dick to visit a psychiatrist.
Terry Hughes
Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Bob Kushell
Bill Martin
David Sacks
Mike Schiff
Ben Vaughn
3rd Rock from the Sun
Dr. Dick Solomon John Lithgow
Sally Solomon Kristen Johnston
Harry Solomon French Stewart
Tommy Solomon Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Dr. Mary Albright Jane Curtin
Nina Campbell Simbi Khali
Officer Don Orville Wayne Knight
Leon Ian Lithgow
Aubrey Pitman Chris Hogan
Judith Draper Ileen Getz
Dr. Goldberg Kevin Scannell
Antonio Jim Pirri
Rico John A. Huoy
Borskey James Wellington
Jehovah's Witness Kevin P. Farley
Randy Newman Randy Newman
Flight Attendant Sharlene Ruffino