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Twirlywoos – Ep15 – CoveringSHORT SYNOPSESThe Twirlywoos see a tablecloth covering a table, and decide to cover some things of their own. Back in the Boat, everyone gets covered in spots! How will they get rid of them?LONG SYNOPSESThe Twirlywoos are in a back garden, where they see a granddad dozing in a deckchair, covered by a newspaper. The Twirlywoos watch as his grandson comes out and covers a patio table with a tablecloth. When the young man goes back inside, the Twirlywoos take the tablecloth and decide to use it to cover other things in the garden – a potted plant, a bird bath. The grandson comes back with a tea tray and is surprised to find the tablecloth missing, but each time he replaces it, the Twirlywoos take it again. Finally they end up covering the old man, and the grandson is very surprised to find his granddad wearing the tablecloth like a cartoon ghost!Peekaboo comes out of his house covered in mysterious spots. He shakes himself and the spots fly up into the air. When the Twirlywoos return, the spots drift down and cover Toodloo. She spins around and manages to get rid of them, only to find that they are now covering Great BigHoo! He shakes himself to get rid of the spots, but they land on Chickedy and Chick. They find that they can blow the spots away, and all the Twirlywoos band together to blow the spots out of the Boat.Narrator – Linda BassettWriter and Lead Creative: Steve RobertsDevised and Produced by: Anne Wood