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Film 4
FSK 12
A Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton and Cliff Curtis star in writer-director Kevin Reynolds' Biblical drama. Roman legionary officer Clavius (Fiennes) is present at the crucifixion of Yeshua (Curtis) of Nazareth, who's rumoured to be a Jewish Messiah, and upon examining the body, confirms that Yeshua is dead. A few days later, high priest Caiaphas (Stephen Greif) tells Pilate (Peter Firth) that Yeshua's body has vanished. Clavius and his aide Lucius (Felton) are urgently tasked with finding the corpse as, amidst rumours of a resurrection, Pilate is worried the Nazarene's followers and others will use the disappearance as motivation for an uprising. Clavius and his legionaries ransack graves, hunting for a body marked with Yeshua's telltale wounds. They do not find it. But, when Clavius stumbles into a meeting of Yeshua's disciples, he sees Yeshua alive amongst them. Beginning to accept the seemingly unbelievable, Clavius deserts the Roman investigation. And, in doing so, he himself becomes hunted. Edited for content.
Kevin Reynolds
Kevin Reynolds
Paul Aiello
Roque Baños
Clavius Joseph Fiennes
Lucius Tom Felton
Pilate Peter Firth
Yeshua Cliff Curtis
Mary Magdalene María Botto
Joses Luis Callejo
Joseph of Arimathea Antonio Gil
Polybius Richard Atwill
Peter Stewart Scudamore
Quintus Andy Gathergood
Bartholomew Stephen Hagan
John Mish Boyko
Thomas/Dydimus Jan Cornet
Simon the Canaanite Joe Manjón
Thaddeus Pepe Lorente
Philip Stavros Demetraki
James Selva Rasalingam
Matthew Manu Fullola
Andrew Mario Tardón
Caiaphas Stephen Greif
Pilate's Orderly Àlex Maruny
Centurion Paco Manzanedo
Inn Keeper Tomás Pozzi
Zealot Leader Karim Saleh
Soldier at Tomb/Niche Soldier Jacob Yakob
Holy Man John Mula
Tomb Priest Yuric Allison
Nicodemus Victor Trapani
Mother Mary Frida Cauchi
Thief #1 Mario de la Rosa