The Supervet

jeudi, 6. décembre 2018, 21:00 - 22:00
Channel 4
It's Christmas time at Fitzpatrick Referrals. Tatiana, a one-year-old crossbreed puppy, is brought in to see if The Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, can do anything to correct her severely deformed front legs. Tatiana was rescued by a charity from Romania, and Angie and her husband Phil have given her a home, together with their other eight dogs. Tatiana was born with dislocated elbows and her front legs are splayed out to the sides so all she can do is shuffle along in pain. Angie arrives with two members of the rescue charity to help her decide whether or not to go for surgery. Noel warns them that the operation will be complicated and whether they choose surgery or not, Tatiana will never be able to walk normally again. For Angie there is no question; she wants Noel to do what he can. The operation proves a challenge as Tatiana's muscles and ligaments haven't developed properly and the bones are both dramatically deformed, and very thin and weak. Noel constructs a unique scaffolding of pins and clamps called an external skeletal fixation to Tatiana's legs to help them heal, but only time will tell if she will respond to such major surgery in time to enjoy the special festive treat Angie has in store: Christmas stockings for all of the family's dogs! Peppa is Julie and Clive's eight-year-old 'dodgy dog', a Dalmatian who has always been a bit wobbly. After multiple visits to the vets, she was diagnosed with bulging discs in her neck. Previous surgery has failed, the implants have collapsed and one of them is now squashing Peppa's spinal cord. Noel describes it as a "ticking time bomb" because Peppa is in pain and her condition is deteriorating. Julie and Clive write Peppa a "bucket list" in case the worst happens. Noel knows that the surgery will be very challenging because the disc is wedged solid directly against the spinal cord. He manufactures a customised fusion device with spacers shaped like Christmas trees held in place using saddle-plates and screws. But first, he has to remove the previous implants, and drilling titanium right up against the spinal cord is extremely difficult. Noel has to call Clive and Julie from the operating theatre to ask permission to continue... it's a life or death situation. Pascal, Veronica and their daughter Noemie travel from a snowy Switzerland with Luna, their seven-year-old Golden Retriever who has had trouble walking for years. Their local Swiss vet thinks it's a shoulder issue, but Noel thinks there may also be a problem in her elbow. Following a CT scan and arthroscopy, Noel discovers that she has problems in both joints, which Noel has only seen a few times in his career. The problem in the shoulder can be treated using keyhole surgery, but the problem in the elbow is much more serious and will require a more dramatic intervention. Noel uses a special custom plate to shift the load from the damaged inner part of Luna's elbow joint by cutting the humerus bone in half and shifting the top half of the bone towards the outer part of the joint. Once the bone has healed 12 weeks later, Luna is a transformed dog and is running around happily enjoying a snowy Swiss Christmas for the first time without pain.